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Aluminium and Plastic Closures and Caps for Bottles

Herti is a leading European manufacturer of aluminium screw caps, plastic and composite closures for a diverse range of bottles used throughout the food-processing industry.

Astra House,
The Common,
GU6 8RZ Surrey,
United Kingdom

Astra House,
The Common,
GU6 8RZ Surrey,
United Kingdom

Herti is a leading European manufacturer of aluminium screw caps, plastic and composite closures for a diverse range of bottles used throughout the food-processing industry.

Practically every conceivable dimension of aluminum closure can be manufactured by the company, which also advises on packaging solutions to clients producing wine, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, olive oil and pharmaceutical products.

The company focuses on creating innovative solutions in accordance with its motto: ‘Your brand tomorrow is our business today’. Close collaboration is provided to clients at every stage of development of their products and brands, combining unique design and high-quality appearance with functionality.

Aluminium closures for bottles

Aluminum closures form a large part of the visual impression of bottles and their branding. More than 40 closure size types are available from Herti, covering 90% of all aluminum closures on the market.

Closures featuring the HL sign are delivered precisely with consistent quality to more than 50 countries globally. No compromises are made on quality and safety, with every stage of production strictly controlled and only certified raw materials used for products.

Since 2000, Herti has been ISO 9000 certified, and has had BRC/IOP accreditation for the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials since 2010.

The company aims to continuously improve its products and processes to ensure the highest quality.

Aluminium ROPP closures are available in diameters ranging from 17mm to 43mm, and heights from 12mm to 6mm. They are used to seal bottles with capacities from 50ml, right up to 1gal.

Aluminium closures are widely used on bottles for spirits. However, closures with dimensions 31.5mm × 24mm and 31.5mm × 44mm with olive oil pourer liners can also be used for sealing olive oils, while closures with dimensions of 28mm × 15.4mm plus PVC compound are used for bottling carbonated drinks.

Screw caps for wine bottles

To meet the growing global demand for wine bottles with aluminum screw caps, Herti invests in innovative products that match requirements of wine producers. ‘Vinstar’ is the trademark for aluminium wine closures produced by Herti. Herti offers:

  • Vinstar Standard: Widely used for bottling wine. All types of aluminium closures that Herti produces feature SARANEX or TIN liners. Most popular dimensions are 30 x 60, 28 x 44, 30 x 24, 25 x 43, 25 x 17, 22 x 30, 22 x 15.
  • Vinstar De Luxe: Composite closures that are sophisticatedly designed, resembling a capsule when sealing a bottle and feature an inner thread

Aluminium and plastic closures for soft drinks

When it comes bottles to water and soft drinks, Herti aluminium and plastic closures are available in dimensions such as 28mm x 15.5mm; 30mm x 25mm; PCO; BPF; 48mm x 41mm. The company also provides plastic handles.

Herti’s most recent innovative addition to composite closures in this market is called DORADO, which is an aluminium closure featuring a plastic safety ring that is tamper-evident and protects from injuries. This product has been designed for capping high and middle class water bottles in both still and sparkling varieties. This solution is suitable for ozone and sensitive waters as the compound it uses is PVC-free.

Eco-friendly packaging production

Herti makes an effort to boost energy efficiency through regularly investing in the latest technology.

Herti takes its commitment to the environment seriously as a SEDEX member and regularly reviews its material sources to ensure they are not only as eco-friendly as possible, but also meet ethical business practices.

As an Ecopack partner and shareholder, Herti meets all principles for protecting nature and pursuing sustainability.

However intricate a task may be, Herti has the expertise and experience to deliver the optimum solutions.

To find out how Herti can meet your requirements, send us an enquiry through the form on this page or use the contact details below.

Herti Composite Safety Closures (HCSC)

Herti composite closures provide greater safety against counterfeits by using a pouring system featuring various temper-evident characteristics, including an internal thread.

Herti Deep Drawn Closures (HDDC)

Herti Deep Drawn Closures (HDDC) are intended for use when bottling spirits on high-speed bottling lines to ensure consistently perfect bottle closing during mass production.

Herti Standard Closures (HSC)

Herti Standard Closures (HSC) are versatile systems primarily used for bottling wine, spirits, still and carbonated water, juice and olive oil, as well as an array of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Plastic, Aluminium and Composite Closures

Established back in 1993, Herti is now one of the leading European manufacturers of roll-on pilfer proof closures, plastic closures and articles, and composite closures.

BRC Certificate

In the last week of July 2021, Herti passed successfully the recertification by the BRC/IOP standard, gaining once more the highest grade 'A' in the 'High Hygiene' category and confirming the implementation of the new standard version.

Herti’s GALP Greener ALuminum Cap Project

Herti started a new project, 'GALP Greener ALuminum Cap (Implementation of green innovative production processes under Industry 4.0)', supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021.

Herti Gets BRC Certificate Renewed

Herti has passed the recertification by the BRC/IOP standard, gaining the highest grade 'A' in the High Hygiene category for the second year in a row. 

Herti to Exhibit at ProWein

Herti is attending the world’s leading trade fair for wine and spirits ProWein in Dusseldorf, which takes place later this month. 

Herti at WIN Expo

Herti will showcase its products at the forthcoming WIN Expo tradeshow in Santa Rosa, California, US.  

Quality Control at a High Level

Herti has successfully passed recertification for its quality system and will work under ISO 9001:2015 for the next three years. 

Herti to Exhibit at Prowein

Herti is exhibiting at the forthcoming ProWein, a world-leading trade fair trade fair for wine and spirits ProWein in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Herti Gains Recertification from BRC

Herti has successfully passed recertification for the BRC/IOP standard, gaining the highest grade 'A' in the 'High Hygiene' category.

Herti to Present Products at Vinitech

Vinitech is an international exhibition covering machinery, materials and production of wine and spirits, which Herti hasparticipated in since 2006.

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