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Folienprint RAKO specialises in the development and manufacture of packaging printing solutions and films for flexible packaging and shrink-sleeves.

Flexible and short-term deliveries are guaranteed by in-house printing-plate manufacturing and a range of stocked films. Folienprint supplies food, beverage, cosmetic, personal hygiene and technical industries.

Folienprint is able to offer the best packaging solutions and added through permanent cooperation with suppliers and on-going customer orientated research and development.

High-quality flexo-printing

As an expert in flexo-printing, Folienprint advises customers right from the beginning in all technical and quality matters on their designs.

Customers demand high-quality printing in short lead-times. The company's own pre-press production enables it to use the latest technologies on the market, delivering the best flexo-printing quality to customers.

Cooperations with all partners in the pre-press chain allows Folienprint to use the latest technology for production. Folienprint's customers are receiving the benefits of using the latest, advanced flexo-printing technology for their products.

HD Flexo is one of the tools that makes customers' products outstanding. As time to market becomes more important, Folienprint's flexo-printing production enables the company to react quickly to market demand in up to ten colours.

Quick time-to-market, economical digital printing for flexible packaging

Digital printing technology offers faster time-to-market results and Folienprint was one of the first companies in Europe to install a digital printing press dedicated for the flexible packaging industries. Digital printing presses offer short runs in high printing quality and better promotion quantities in a short lead-time.

No pre-press tooling costs affect customers' budgets and the digital printing solutions provide a more flexible order window. Customers looking for a quick and cost-effective solution for their brand should switch from conventional printing to digital.

With the new printing technology there are no minimum orders and no repro artwork costs involved, providing customers with the maximum flexibility for their own planning and production.

Flexible plastic, paper and metallised-film packaging

Folienprint's production philosophy is 'nothing is so constant like the change'. There are no fixed standards and every customer's product is created individually. Folienprint develops and manufactures various types of films and laminates, including plastic film to paper materials, matt or glossy, high-barrier or metallised films.

The company offers the following flexible packaging products:

  • Flow packs for vertical or horizontal packaging lines
  • Lid films
  • Sachet films
  • Doypack films
  • High-barrier films
  • Twister films

Shrink-sleeve packaging

Shrink-sleeves showcase a product with the highest level of attention in the market and the unique selling point (USP) can be supported with fantastic decoration.

Folienprint produces unprinted and printed shrink-sleeve packaging on rolls and in single-cut pieces using materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), oriented polystyrene (OPS), polylactic acid (PLA) and polyolefin (PO).

The company's technical management supports customers with all new projects from the beginning, recommending the best solutions.

Applications of Folienprint's shrink-sleeves include:

  • Promotional sleeves
  • Tamper-evident solutions
  • Decoration sleeves
  • Anti-theft and counterfeit protection

Carbon emissions-reducing sustainable packaging solutions

Using resources sustainably is one of the most important focal points of the company's environmental management system. Folienprint continues to improve its processes, with projects such as creating the company's own development StarSaver®. This standard has been uniquely designed as a substitute for energy intensive aluminium laminates.

StarSaver provides benefits such as huge reductions in carbon emissions, minimising environmental impact. The high-barrier combination of polypropylene and a polyethylene sealing layer offers an outstanding product safety and a prolonged product shelf-life.

StarSaver also showcases glossy optics, high product safety, excellent process ability, a wide sealing range and weight reduction compared with aluminium laminate.

About Folienprint and RAKO-Group

Folienprint is a member of the RAKO-Group, headquartered near Hamburg, Germany, specialising in self-adhesive labels, film packaging, security technology and software.

Thanks to more than 80 printing machines at 13 production sites worldwide and 1,500 employees, the RAKO-Group grows continuously with consistent investments and innovative ideas.

Folienprint has received the following certifications:

  • DIN EN 15593 (hygiene)
  • DIN ISO 14001 : 2004
  • DIN ISO 9001: 2008
  • DPG (German refund system)
  • Esko HD Certification
  • Climate neutrale production
  • ISO 50001:2011

The company is also Sedex registered, and BRC certification is planned for 2017.

Contact Details

Folienprint RAKO GmbH
Neu-Galliner Ring 26
19258 Gallin
+49 388 513 300

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Optimal Barrier and Product Protection 21 July 2017 starblocker protects your products optimally against the premature loss of freshness, aroma and flavour. In addition, these films offer an excellent migration barrier against mineral oils.


Eklipse™ Shrink Sleeve 05 July 2017 We are offering Shrink Sleeves with a new high-performing light-blocking shrink film: Eklipse™.


Starsaver: A New Environmentally Friendly Laminate as an Aluminium Alternative 27 July 2016 Folienprint is constantly working on environmental friendly projects and sustainable products. As a result of these projects, we developed the Starsaver as an alternative to high-energy consuming products of aluminium.